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Turnaround support

High level support during production stops

Leader Gasket offers complete support for turnarounds, plant shutdowns, outages and production stops for industrial companies. This involves the replacement of gaskets for chemical plants, oil refineries, power generation companies  and other industrial sectors. Whether it is for emergency repairs or planned shutdowns, Leader has the management and staff in-house to carry out these stops.

Together with its allied distributor partners Leader can offer a full service concept of supply; service and on site support


In various industrial plants, gaskets are an important component for a smooth and efficient operation as well as a stable and reliable production quality. High-grade sealing systems minimize harmful emissions, increase reliability and reduce the cost to the operator. Leader can manufactur and supply the complete range of Industrial Flange Gaskets for all processes on industrial plants.

Quick supply

Leader follows a systematic approach to tackle any kind of factory outage in a disciplined way. The use of gaskets requires a high level of precision and know-how. To reduce the chance of incidents, it is important to be timely and to work with a professional on-site.
On a global scale Leader has the possibility to deliver on a quick supply base Flange Gaskets just in time needed or produce locally with on site based machinery. Next to that re furbishing of Kammprofile gaskets is one of the possibilities offered.

Container service

To lead a plant shutdown in the right direction and to be ready in time, you need the right materials and the associated on-site inventory. For this purpose, it is essential that there are containers available at the location for temporary storage of gaskets, bolts, nuts, tools and maintenance products. The containers can also be arranged as temporary workplace to ensure that there is product on-hand.

Advice on-site

Our service concept for turnarounds, equipment set-ups and overhaul offers operators proven solutions, expert installation and a high level of support, both before and during the plant shutdown. Leader offers support in technical calculations and decisions on gasket choice. So we can ensure that the plant shutdown goes as smoothly as possible.be arranged as temporary workplace to ensure that there is product on-hand.

On site inspection

On your production site Leader can assist and support you and your contractors with on site inspection of gaskets, flanges, bolts and torque requirements. Our engineers are EN1591-4 qualified

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