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High performing gaskets in very low temperatures

Hydrocarbons, cooling means and cooling liquids are examples of cryogenics which are accompanied by low to very low temperatures. Gaskets must be suitable for these applications otherwise will occur freezing or cracking. Applications in temperatures below freezing point can be found the pharmaceutical industry, food, electronics, chemicals and automotive. Leader Gasket has extensive experience in these fields.

Low temperatures

The performance of a gasket in cryogenic environments depends on a number of factors. First and foremost the gasket must be able to withstand the cold conditions. Leader has numerous products which are resistant to extreme low temperatures. Our engineering team can assist you in finding and developing a gasket with the right properties.

Proper installation

These gaskets often need to be resistant to chemicals as well, as these two factors often go hand-in-hand. Proper installation is also key. During installation, it is important that all parts are dry, the installation is done at ambient temperature and then re-adjusted with changes in temperature. Leader Gasket can assist you in installation or offer specific training for your engineering team.

Leader Clipperlon

Leader Clipperlon biaxial PTFE gaskets are resistant to low temperatures up to cryogenic thanks to the reinforcement with glass molecules. In addition, they have an excellent gas-tightness and resistance to creep and flow.  Specially Leader Clipperlon 2110 has a unique recovering; good compression and preforming sufficient at the lowest seating stress even in weak and exceptional flange constructions.

Leader Spiral Wound Gaskets

Leader Spiral Wound Gaskets are resistant to very low temperatures. Style S/SR/SI/SRII is made of high quality graphite sealing material and has proven itself worldwide. They are produced oxygen clean. SR/SRI are available in all desirable sizes and ready for quick delivery. Special shapes and materials on request