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Quality, Safety & sustainability

We go above and beyond industry standards

Safety and sustainability are non-negotiable core values at Leader Gasket. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that our products are manufactured with high quality, high performance materials and consistent, repeatable and documented procedures.

Health, Safety and Environment commitment

At Leader Gasket, no phase of our operation is more important than the health and safety of our associates and customers. Since we regard all accidents as being preventable we strive to put into place policies, procedures and guidelines that are intended to eliminate or minimize risk as much as possible. No job will be considered properly completed unless it is performed in a safe manner.

While it is impossible to anticipate every circumstance, we believe that by observing our policies and guidelines we can all achieve our goal of zero lost time and zero recordable accidents.

As good stewards of our environment, we strive to continuously improve our efforts to promote an atmosphere of sustainability by incorporating methods in our manufacturing process that minimize waste and recycle material in all phases of our operation.


In our plants, in our offices or when we are visiting a site of one of our customers we always follow our Six Golden Rules of Safety.


Focusing on sustainability enables us to make a substantial contribution to the well-being of people and the activities of our clients and suppliers.

Our principles:

  • Corporate social responsibility is one of the factors which determine policy;
  • A structured and open communication with stakeholders creates a social support base;
  • Meeting the stakeholders’ demands in the area of corporate social responsibility, including statutory aspects;
  • Driving for objectives and results of important themes related to People, Planet and Profit ensures a demonstrable improvement in the area of emissions, waste separation and energy reduction;
  • In order to monitor the effectiveness of the management system, internal and external audits are carried out;
  • The management system is based on the guidelines from ISO 14001 is under review at this moment


Product quality and reliability are the fundamental elements for our success as a trusted manufacturer to industry. Leader Gasket will strive to deliver defect free products and services to our customers on time, every time, with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction through our commitment to continual improvement of the quality management system, while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our principles:

  • Client satisfaction starts with understanding what the client needs and providing the right quality;
  • In a context analysis the environment in which a company operates is mapped out;
  • The starting point is to create a win-win situation with all stakeholders and to drive for results;
  • Risk management is a continuous process;
  • An effective quality report and sound monitoring enables us to constantly improve our processes and to strive for 100% good products and services;
  • Legislation and regulations regarding product and service provision;
  • The management system is based on the guidelines from ISO 9001.