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Oxygen service

We manufacture 100% clean gaskets for increased safety

Many contaminated materials such as oils, fats, fibers, solvents, sand or dirt respond strongly with gaseous or liquid oxygen at certain pressures and temperatures. These contaminants affect product purity and can even cause a fire or an explosion. The right gasket choice can prevent these dangerous situations. Leader Gasket has the knowledge and equipment to produce safe and 100% clean gaskets and double packaging for use in oxygen service.


LeaderKam gaskets are produced oxygen clean and have the quality to withstand the highest temperatures and flammability both in welding environments and in heat exchangers. LeaderKAM Kammprofile gaskets can be Oxygen Cleaned produced and packaged on request

Leader Clipperlon

Leader Gasket’s Clipperlon PTFE seals are produced oxygen clean. They are also resistant to low temperatures thanks to the reinforcement with glass molecules. In addition, they have an excellent gas-tightness and resistance to creep and flow.
Leader Clipperlon all styles can be Oxygen Cleaned produced and packaged on request

Leader SR/SRI Spiral Wound Gaskets

Leader SR/SRI Gaskets are produced oxygen clean. SR / SRI is made of high quality graphite and has proven itself worldwide. SR/SRI are available in all desirable sizes and material combinations and can be Oxygen Cleaned produced and packaged on request.