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Leader Gasket: world class gasket manufacturer

Leader Gasket is a manufacturer of metallic, semi-metallic and soft gasket products. Originally focused on Spiral Wound technology and Specialty Equipment gaskets such as Double Jacked and Corrugated Metal gaskets, Leader has evolved into a complete manufacturer of gaskets and gasket products.


Over 100 years ago our story began in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A lot has changed since then. What remains is the way we strive to offer superior products and outstanding local service to our customers every day. This is what set us apart then and still does. Over the years we have vertically integrated every step in the production process from raw material to end product and set new standards of excellence by investing in innovative production and testing facilities.

Leading the industry

Today, we are the leading global provider for numerous industries, ranging from petrochemical multinationals and the automotive industry to family-owned businesses all over the world. From our offices in La Porte, Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Bytča, Slovakia we offer sealing solutions for every business, from mass production of standards to very specific custom-made solutions.


Our innovations include the patented Elastagraph technology, reducing emissions in the environment, API RTJ Rings, Leader Spiral Wound gaskets meeting the highest specs set out by the Petrochemical Industry, Kammprofiles for both pipe flanges and equipment installations and a full range of soft sheet materials. Additionally, we manufacture an array of semi metallic specialty gaskets for our OEM customers. The most recent addition was our internally manufactured Biax Process (filled and Biaxially oriented PTFE) marketed under our Clipperlon brand. This process is equal to or better than any competitive sheet, and because we completely control the manufacturing process, it is priced to lead the industry in quality and performance.

Highest quality materials

Leader carries a plethora of raw materials from standard 304 and 316L materials to Titanium, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Zirconium and other exotics. Our purchase specifications, on-site vendor inspections, receiving inspections and systematic third party validation assures our customers that they receive only the highest quality materials on each and every order.

Product traceability

Leader is the only manufacturer to mark each of its standard spiral wound gaskets with a unique traceability number that guarantees the end user a complete traceability of the gasket even after it is installed. All manufactured products can be traced back by heat and lot number if given the purchase order they were shipped against. No other full line gasket producer gives its customer better security and traceability of their materials.

Total Flange Care & Flange Integrity Management

There are many parameters which impact the performance of a gasket. Identifying these factors and ensuring they are all optimized to provide you with a safe and sustainable flange connection is at the core of our business. At Leader Gasket we call this approach “Total Flange Care”. This includes advanced gasket selection tools, training on-site and flange management programs for maintenance.

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