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Maritime sector


Complete service in every port across the globe

Due to the specialization in special ships and offshore modules the shipbuilding industry is changing rapidly. Leader Gasket works closely with designers of naval equipment to deliver the best fitting products. Our distribution network covers every port across the globe and we can offer a total package of maintenance, periodic inspections and maintenance for hydraulic and mechanical systems in shipbuilding.

Leader SR & SRI

Spiral wound gaskets are still the most popular due to the wide variety of styles and sizes available. They can be fabricated of any metal which is available in thin strip and which can be welded; therefore, they can be used against virtually any corrosive medium dependent upon the choice of metal and filler.

Leader Elastagraph Corrugated Metal Graphite Gaskets

The corrugated gasket Elastagraph® designed for high performance, low leakeage, graphite gaskets for standard flange or heat exchanger applications. Designed as an engineered solution for large diameter fixed equipment where leakage and low available load are issues. High performance replacement for asbestos, jacketed gaskets, spiral wounds and is a less expensive option as compared to a kammprofile gasket.
Elastagraph® standard pipe gaskets for EN and AMSE flanges provides improved leakage and sealability even at low boltforces contributing higher performance on Flange Integrity. Elastagraph


This LeaderKAM Kammprofile Gasket is highly recognized as the problem solver for Heat Exchangers, Large Vessels and units that see excessive movement from thermal expansion. The Kammprofile provides the tightest seal combined with superior load bearing characteristics. This gasket design is made with a metal core and available with or without outer ring. The metal core with its concentric serrations can be faced with graphite, ePTFE or LeadeTHERM mica.