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Installation Guidelines

Installation Instructions for Packing Pumps using Clipperfoil

Clipperfoil can be utilized as a leak-free pump packing without cooling flush lubrication. This defies all conventional advice regarding braided compression packings need to leak.

Clipperfoil is a graphite compression packing without lubricants, adhesives or binders. Each ring should be installed separately and compressed 25% of its uncompressed height. The flexible graphite construction will dissipate heat from the pump sleeve and radiate it to the outside of the packing gland. It will transfer a flexible graphite film to the sleeve, and after a few minutes of rotation, the packing will ?run in? and adjust itself and run coolly. Even high temperature, high pressure boiler feed pumps can run virtually dry without leakage or sealing water flush up to 4800 fpm.

A restriction bushing at the bottom of the stuffing box always should be employed to reduce the number of packing rings used to 5 or 6. This facilitates load transfer and improves sealing.

Even paper mill slurries and sewage treatment pumps where abrasives are encountered can be sealed leak-free.

As a reminder, no pumps with more than .006 runout will seal completely satisfactory. Packings can never solve mechanical problems.

Graphite packings should not be used in service conditions that involve strong oxidizers, i.e. sulfuric acid, nitric acid, chromic acid.