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LeaderTHERM NXT 1020


High Temperature gasket sheet material made of Modified Phlogopite with acid proof metal foil insert made of chrome nickel steel


Product Data Sheet


High temperature , Exhaust manifolds and systems, gas turbines, gas and oil burners, heat exchangers, thermal insulating


Due to engineered material structure very low emission

Chemical Compatiblity

Broad chemical resistance.

Delivery Options

In Sheet (1200x1000mm ) thickness 1 / 1,5 / 2 / 3mm. Also ready made gasket or parts in all shapes cutted from sheet gaskets can be manufactured according to customer drawings, or by given sizes or Edrawing.

Approvals & Certificates

  • BAM
  • BAM
  • TA-Luft
Technical Data
max Pressure [bar]40
density [g/cm3]1.2
Minimum initial stress [DIN E 2505 part 2] [N/mm2]25
Maximum initial stress [DIN E 2505 part 2] [N/mm2]150
Y- Value [psi]4500
Gasket required flange roughness [Ra micron]3,2-6,3
Gasket required flange roughness [RMS]125-250
max Seating stress [Qsmax bei RT EN13555] [n/mm2]150

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