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Elastagraph™ gaskets are produced by infusing seamless layers of flexible graphite at varying densities and thicknessess over a corrugated metallic core. Elastagraph™ utilizes a unique corrugated pattern which increases the depth of the groove and the pitch at the peak of the corrugation. This greatly improves the gaskets sealability over traditional corrugated designs.


Product Data Sheet


Elastagraph SG is designed specifically to solve fugitive emission and compliance problems. It also has excellent performance in bolted joints that experience thermal cycling or limited initial bolt load. Elastagraph™ is the most economical way of meeting low emission requirements.


Excellent sealing against vaporeus and media like gases and thermal (hot) oil

Chemical Compatiblity

Elastagraph SG flange gaskets can be used in a wide variety of media, i.e. a pH range varying from 0-14. Application / compatibility guide is available on request.

Delivery Options

All non standard pipe flange configurations with and without bolt holes according customer specifications or E drawing

Sealing Characteristics

  • Low porosity
  • Very low emmission
  • Perfect sealability on low bolt load
  • High recovery
  • Suitable for irregular flanges and surfaces
  • To be used for elevated and cryogenic temperatures
  • Improved handle ability
  • Minimum sticking to flange surfaces
Technical Data
max Temperature [°C]550
min Temperature [°C]-200
max Pressure [bar](DIN PN40) ASME B16.5 600 class
Y- Value [psi]5000
Gasket required flange roughness [Ra micron]3,2-6,3
Gasket required flange roughness [RMS]125-250
max Seating stress [Qsmax bei RT EN13555] [n/mm2]225
Residual seating stress , [QA=40 MPA,Qmin(L 0,01), mg/(s*m)] bei RT 40 bar [N/mm2]10
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