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A flange gasket is a basic component of a joint assembly in which pipes or flanges are connected by a gasket. Leader Gasket manufactures and supplies flange gaskets, also known as pipe gaskets. Flange gaskets are available in a range of materials, sizes and thickness, but can also be custom made to your own measurements and specifications.

Types of flanges

We manufacture gaskets for all types of flanges: 

  • Flat-faced flange where the entire mating faces are flat. 
  • Tongue and groove flanges in which one flange has an annular tongue and one has a groove to accept it. 
  • Raised-face flanges which only make contact with the mating joint member where the gasket is located. 
  • Ring-joint flanges, a system in which both flanges are grooved to accept a ring-joint gasket. 
  • Boiler Heads – Usually an Oval or Obround gasket is needed

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Full-faced or inside bolt circle? 

For different flanges, you need different flange gaskets. Flange gaskets can be full-faced or inside bolt circle (IBC). 

  • Full-faced gaskets cover the entire flange surface, extending beyond the bolt holes. 
  • Inside bolt circle gaskets, also known as ring-type or raised-faced joints, lie within a ring of bolts.

Choosing flange gasket materials

Flange gaskets can be made of different gasket materials. Some materials consist of rubber, fiber, metal, graphite, teflon or even sponge. The flange gasket you need usually depends on the application. As well as the environment in which it will be used. Make sure that the material can deal with the temperatures and pressures. Leader can advise you on the materials.

Sizes and thickness

Flange gaskets are available in all sizes, fitting the standard sizes of flanges or pipes. Common standards are BS10, ISO, PN/DIN, ASA/ANSI and JIS/KS, ASME B16.20, ASME B16.21 and O2 Cleaned.

The thickness of the flange gaskets depends on the condition of the RMS surface of the flange, the temperature and the pressure it is expected to operate under. Standard thickness of a flange gasket is usually between 1.5mm ( 1/16”) and 3mm. (1/8” thk) If you need different sizes or thicknesses for specific purposes, we can produce these for you in varying quantities.

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