PTFE filled gaskets: the purest of them all


PTFE filled gaskets

For over 100 years, Leader Gasket has been your specialist for the most critical sealing applications. We are expert in many industries, e.g.: gas, oil, petrochemical, power and offshore. With our wide stock of sealing applications, we also offer PTFE filled gaskets - the purest gaskets of them all. 

A wide variety in PTFE filled gaskets

There is a wide variety in PTFE filled gaskets, with each its own quality and purpose, available. The available categories: 

  • Virgin PTFE;
  • Filled PTFE;
  • Expanded-PTFE; 
  • and Modified-PTFE materials with creep resistance. 

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Advantages and applications

PTFE gaskets offer a high level of purity. As a result of this, they are completely resistant to chemicals. Logically, many of these gaskets are applied in acid lines and with other aggressive chemicals for businesses where hygiene and non-contamination are crucial. Furthermore, PTFE gaskets function perfectly under extreme temperatures - from -200℃ to +260 ℃. The industries in which these PTFE gaskets are applied, are e.g. the chemical industry, hydrocarbon reaction, and power plants. 

PTFE filled gaskets 

The PTFE filled gaskets have exceptional sealing, recovery, and compression qualities. These gaskets can keep the bolt load better, which improves the long-term sealing and reduces flanges maintenance. Thus, where the normal PTFE gaskets fails, the PTFE filled gaskets overcomes these shortcomings. 

Quality assurance

The secret to our many years of success? Quality and reliability of our products are fundamental elements of our business. We comply to the international quality standards, such as ISO 9001:2008, and we are constantly improving our quality management system. This way we deliver defect-free products and services. 

Questions about our PTFE filled gaskets? Let us know! 

Do you have any questions or do you like more information about our PTFE filled gaskets? Please contact one of our distributors around the globe or fill out our contact form. We are happy to help! 

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