PTFE gaskets


A wide range of PTFE products in any shape or size

Leader Gasket provides a complete product portfolio that can be selected and fully engineered to suit your application. We supply a wide range of PTFE  and Expanded PTFE products in any shape or size. Particularly suitable for use with strong acids (except hydrofluoric acid) and alkalis. Other applications include solvents, fuels, water, steam and chlorine. A chemical resistance list available upon request. 

PTFE gaskets

Sealing products made of PTFE are an essential part of many constructions and processes. There are many different options when considering which is best for your application.  

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Leader PTFE Products 

The Clipperlon gasket is one of the products in our range of PTFE products. It consists of a grooved, solid metal carrier with a layer of graphite or PTFE on both sides. These gaskets are designed for the most difficult sealing environments where performance is critical or sealing stresses are low.

  • LeaderKam with PTFE facing
  • Dual Seal
  • Clipperlon PTFE sheet – Style 2100, 2110, 2120
  • Cliplon 600 Joint Sealant
  • Expanded PTFE – Style 2130
  • SRI-LCP - Spiral wound with Kammprofile inner ring overlayed with PTFE
  • Kammprofile with PTFE facing


If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact one of our distributors around the globe.

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