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Are you looking for high temperature gaskets that meet your demands? Please contact Leader Gasket to find out more about our mica based Leadertherm material.  Good up to 1800F.

Our high temperature gaskets

At Leader, we are very well aware of the fact that the demands of our customers are increasing. In order to meet these high expectations, Leader keeps investing in upgrading our testing facilities and abilities. The high temperature gaskets are a good example of an intensively tested product.

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Technical specifications

Most conventional graphite seals are not resistant to the effects of oxidation at very high temperatures. In order to meet the specifications of a high temperature gasket, Leader designed and developed LeaderTHERM gaskets. 

LeaderTHERM withstands extreme temperatures

These high temperature gaskets have a unique composition that makes them resistant to oxidation, solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils. Thanks to the addition of Mica, LeaderTHERM withstands temperatures up to 1800 °F. LeaderTHERM is used in gas turbines, oil burners and heat exchangers.

Advantages of high temperature gaskets

Other than the resistance to extremely high temperatures (up to 1800 °F), high temperature gaskets (or heat exchanger gaskets) have many more advantages. For instance:

  • They are made with a high-density inner ring that increases sealability many times over traditional flexible graphite.
  • These gaskets are the most economical way of meeting low emission requirements.
  • High temperature gaskets utilize a unique corrugation pattern which increases the depth of the grooves and the pitch at the peak of the corrugation.

Any questions about high temperature gaskets?

If you have any questions about one of our high temperature gaskets or any other product or service, please feel free to contact one of our distributors around the globe.

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