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For decades, Leader Gasket has been manufacturing high quality Camprofile gaskets for our customers all around the world. At Leader we call them LeaderKAM Kammprofile Gaskets.

Camprofile gaskets / Kammprofile gaskets?

Kammprofile gaskets (or Camprofile gasketskammprofile gaskets) consist of a metallic core with machined concentric grooves. These Camprofile gaskets are produced with soft sealing layers consisting of either graphite, PTFE or Nova-Mica. It is also possible that metallic (non-ferro) layers of pure silver or aluminum can be produced. Camprofile gaskets are often used in the (petro-) chemical industry, steam, on- and offshore exploration, pipeline systems and many more.

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Approvals and testing certification for LeaderKAM Kammprofile

At Leader Gasket, we are very well aware of the fact that every customer requires a different product with different specifications. We also understand that the requirements for products such as Kammprofile gaskets (Camprofile gaskets) are very high, so the gaskets are put to various tests. A few of the tests our LeaderKAM Kammprofile are put through:

  • TA-Luft
  • EN13555
  • BAM
  • Fire Safe API 6FB
  • Shell Specification SPE 85/300

More information about the ‘in house testing’ of our products.

Types of LeaderKAM Kammprofile gaskets at Leader Gasket

As said before, different customers require different products. That’s why we supply several types of Kammprofile gaskets (Camprofile gaskets), instead of just one. A grasp of our wide assortiment:

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If you have questions about one of our Camprofile gaskets or any other product, please feel free to contact us by sending an email or by contacting one of our distributors around the globe.

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