Automotive exhaust pipe gaskets for extreme temperatures

As the market leader in technology, quality and service for automotive applications, Leader Gasket supplies a wide range of exhaust pipe gaskets. 


The vital role of exhaust gaskets

There are three things that no one wants to find in their vehicle: leaks, toxic carbon monoxide and loud noise. Exhaust gaskets play a vital role in maintaining the exhaust system and thus preventing this from occurring. 

Gaskets for extreme temperatures

Under the influence of the exhaust gases (or liquids), the automotive pipe gaskets are exposed to extremely high temperatures. Therefore, we supply exhaust pipe gaskets that are resistant to continuous temperatures of up to 1000ºC. 

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Applications of exhaust gaskets

These gaskets are highly suitable for extreme thermal and mechanical applications, such as exhaust pipes and gas turbines. 

The exhaust gaskets prevent leaks in the system and take the burned exhaust gases from the engine’s cylinders and ejects them through the exhaust system all the way out through the car's tail pipe. 

Replacement of exhaust gaskets 

Over time the gaskets may start to leak, since the engine is constantly heated and cooled down. The leaks that appear can damage other components in the engine and impact the entire engine performance. 

Therefore, one must replace these gaskets when: 

  • Smells (due to melted plastic components) arise from the engine compartment.
  • You hear loud noise from the engine.
  • The engine performance seems to be lacking.

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