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Comply to strict standards

Over the years, Leader has been developing a wide range of PTFE gaskets for the food and beverage industry and seals that comply to very strict international and FDA Compliant standards.

Food & beverage gaskets at Leader

In the food industry, it is essential that the gaskets are degreased and cleaned ultrasonically before assembly takes place. All these processes are done in accordance with ISO 1644-1 Class 6. By investing in new techniques and by trying new materials, Leader continues to develop a specialty in sanitary and 'clean' products. The types of gaskets for beverage and food applications that we offer are:

  • Clipperlon 2100: Modified PTFE sheet manufactured with biaxial oriented longer molecule chains specially designed for high demanding applications. Due to this specific material structure and special manufacturing process a low creep properties are achieved. Fawn in color and produced with Modified PTFE and Solid Silica Beads as a filler;
  • Clipperlon 2110: Modified PTFE gasket material manufactured with bi- axial orientated chains to obtain a tight seal for demanding applications. This material has a rather high compressibility characteristics and low minimum seating stress value. Therefore this material is highly recommended for low torque applications, plastic pipe systems and flanges, as well as glass and ceramic lined equipment. Blue in color and produced with Modified PTFE and hollow glass micro spheres as a filler. This gaskets is good for  glass pipe line, ceramic, plastic coated flanges and FRP flanges;
  • Clipperlon 2130: this homogeneous expanded PTFE sheet uses product geometry rather than fillers or binders.
  • Clipperlon 2120: Modified PTFE gasket material containing biaxial orientated chains to obtain a tight seal for demanding applications. Clipperlon 2120 is a very dense material with low compressibility, high recovery and low creep properties. Off-white in color and produced with Modified PTFE and barium sulfate filler.
  • Clipperlon 600: Joint Sealant is made up of 100% expanded virgin PTFE provides excellent cold flow and creep relaxation resistance. It is FDA suitable and it comes with an easy peel off selfadhesive backing that makes installation simple.

Investing in product quality and service speed

The past few years, we re-invested and upgraded the fixed assets and inventory positions to upgrade the quality of our sealing products and to better service our customers. A few of the investments we made:

  • A Laser Cutting Machine with the newest technology;
  • Automated assembly equipment;
  • Multiple automatic and semi-automatic winders;
  • An entire bank of CNC equipment;
  • A corrugated and Kammprofile machine;
  • We doubled our inventory of finished goods, components and raw materials to assure that we can provide very quick delivery of standard and custom gaskets.

Testing of our gaskets

To ensure that our products are manufactured with high quality, all of our special alloys are 100% PMI tested and documented to ensure products are supplied as specified.

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Questions about food and beverage gaskets?

If you have questions regarding one of our gaskets or any other product, please feel free to contact one of our distributors around the globe.

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