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Leader Gasket offers a wide range of heat exchanger gaskets, but also manufactures custom configurations for specific purposes. Different materials, sizes, and configurations are possible. 

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Different types of heat exchanger gaskets 

Heat exchanger gaskets are usually metal jacketed with filler materials for extreme high temperatures. For the different types of gaskets there is a selection of metal and filler materials. 

At Leader we have different heat exchanger gaskets. Most common gaskets are:

  • Double-jacketed gaskets are gaskets, in which the gasket material is enclosed by an outer metal cover. 
  • Solid gaskets from metal, stamped into a gasket shape. 
  • Corrugated metal gaskets. These are metal gaskets, usually incorporating a filler material in the well of the corrugations, in which the seal is formed between the peaks of the corrugations and the mating flanges.
  • Kammprofile gaskets: a metal gasket with grooved - serrated faces, with or without resilient sealing layer on surfaces.

Shapes and sizes

Heat exchanger gaskets are available in all shapes and sizes and with or without ribs, partitions, or bars. It exists of a primary and secondary seal. The primary seal is located at the inner diameter of the gasket and the secondary seal is the external gasket diameter. Standard thickness of a heat exchanger gasket is 0.4 mm ( 1/8” ).

Advantages of heat exchanger gaskets

  • They are metal jacketed, which provides chemical resistance.
  • The heat exchanger gaskets are available in a range of materials, sizes and shapes.
  • They are easy to use and to install and provide stability.

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Please contact one of our distributors around the globe if you require more information about heat exchanger gaskets, need custom made gaskets or wish to send us an inquiry.

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