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Finding the right one

There are many chemical gaskets available. It is important to use the right sealing material in order to guarantee its effectiveness. Leader can help you find the right chemical gasket.

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What are chemical gaskets?

Gaskets designed for Chemicals can create a resilient sealing effect and thus prevents the content from leaking oil, water and air. 

Advantages of chemical gaskets

  • Chemical gaskets can easily be used for all flanges.
  • Can be cleaned for 02 service
  • Some of the gaskets will not require much bolt load to be  tightened
  • Surfaces with a low tightening pressure can still be sealed effectively
  • Bolt calculations based on gasket size and thickness may be required
  • Material selection assistance may be needed

A few reminders

  • Most gaskets for chemical or caustic applications are PTFE based gaskets and  do not require special operations like pressing or heating. This makes them easier to use. There are a few things to keep in mind: 
  • PTFE - Chemical gaskets are more easy to remove than solid gaskets.
  • Make sure you choose the proper chemical gasket for the right medium.
  • Remove oil, dust, water etc. from the surface before applying the gasket.
  • Flanges with a large clearance may require a thicker gasket.

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