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Leader Gaskets Technologies is (and has been) your manufacturer of gaskets Over the years we have evolved in a more complete gasket manufacturing company. We deliver the most critical sealing applications. From metallic to soft metallic gasket products - we have a broad and complete assortment in gaskets and spirals. 

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As a gasket manufacturing company we are active in several markets. In each market we engage in many major projects. The markets in which we are active are: 

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Leader Gasket is the only gasket manufacturing company that marks its standard spiral gaskets wounds with unique lot numbers. This way customers can always trace their gaskets easily. Even after they have been installed. 

We do not only have a broad assortment, we also manufacture tailor-made gasket solutions. Contact one of our experts to discuss the possibilities. 

Quality assurance 

We see the quality and reliability of our products as our first priority to guarantee your safety. Therefore, our products do not only meet the international industry standards, they are also manufactured in accordance with B16.20 and API 6A specifications. To maintain our high quality and reliability standards we are continuously updating and improving our quality management system. 

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