22 August 2016

Leader Gasket: a legacy in sealing technology

Over 100 years ago our story began in a place called Baton Rouge, Lousiana. A lot has changed since then, but something that hasn't changed is the way we strive to offer superior products and outstanding local service to our customers every day. This is what set us apart then and still does.

Today, we are the leading global provider for numerous industries, ranging from petrochemical multinationals and the automotive industry to family-owned businesses all over the world. From our offices in Deer Park, Texas, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Bytča, Slovakia we offer sealing solutions for every business, from mass production of standards to very specific custom-made solutions. 

Professionalizing every step of the way

Over the years we have vertically integrated every step in the production process from raw material to end product and set new standards of excellence by investing in innovative production and testing facilities. 


Leading edge innovations

As the original designer and developer of the compressed sheet manufacturing equipment, we have continued to develop leading edge gasket and packing technology. These include the “Patented DynagraphTM Process”, ElastagraphTM, Graphite and Corrugated Metal Gasket, CW 2000 High Temperature Packing and many other technology driven fluid sealing products.

Our legacy

With over 25 years of product and marketplace experience, we can proudly say that we have a legacy in sealing technology. We offer best in class manufacturing of fluid sealing products including gaskets, packing, and specialized seals for the global industrial market. With excellent channel to market through strategic distribution and OEM's located throughout the globe, Leader Gasket is partner of choice for many clients all over the world.

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