01 December 2017

Clipperlon 2115 USP flange gasket designed for the highest purity

Clipperlon 2115 USP is a modified PTFE sheet specially designed for high-purity applications such as pharmaceuticals, semicons, food and beverages. The material is free of any pigment, has a natural white color and meets the USP class VI plastics (USP 88), Food & Diary requirements FDA 21 CFR. 1771550 and EC 1935/10/2011 requirements. It is manufactured with bi-axial orientated chains to obtain a tight seal for demanding applications and is produced with hollow glass micro spheres as a filler.​

This material has rather high compressibility characteristics and a low minimum seating stress value. It is therefore highly recommended for low torque applications, plastic pipe systems and flanges, as well as glass and ceramic lined equipment in a wide variety high-purity applications.

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Natural white modified PTFE free from pigments

  • High purity free from contamination
  • Food, Pharma and Semicon accepted
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Solid and compressible PTFE Gasket with hollow glass microspheres
  • Suitable for demanding applications
  • Steel and glass lined flanges
  • All-round pipe and equipment gasket
  • Low leakage rate
  • Temp -210 to +260 °C - 450 to approx 500° F 
  • Certification
  • USP class VI plastics (USP 88)
  • FDA 21 CFR. 1771550
  • EC 1935/10/2011
  • TA Luft

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Download also our latest version of the product data sheet and complete overview of approvals and certification including USP, GMP, FDA, EC 1935 or contact us.


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