Extreme High Temperature Sealing

LeaderTHERM NXT offers most stable material structure at temperatures to 1000 C/ 1830 F

Under the influence of industrial gases, exhaust gases or liquids, gaskets in various industries are exposed to high temperatures. Many conventional graphite first generation Mica’s are not resistant to the effects of oxidation at these high temperatures or loose gasket stress as a result of weight loss at high temperatures. Leader Gasket’s LeaderTHERM NXT  offers a modified Phlogopite solution in extreme stable structure at elevated temperatures with outstanding chemical resistance.


LeaderTHERM NXT consists of a family of modified phlogopite flake structured materials. Phogopite, an aluminiumsilicate of mineral origin, has a lamellar and non fibrous structure, representing an excellent solution at high temperatures.
This material composition gives a low weight loss and stable material structure at extremely high temperatures.
Therefore LeaderTHERM NXT leads to an improved tightness (low emission), a broad chemical as well as oxidation resistance.

BAM certified for Oxygen Solutions
TA luft approved 

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Graphite gasket attacked bij NoX


Complete family of products

  • LeaderTHERM NXT 1000 Spiral Wound Gasket filler
  • LeaderTHERM NXT 1010 Facing for LeaderKAM Kammprofile gasket
  • LeaderTHERM NXT 1020 Re-inforced gasket sheet various thickness

Industries and Applications

  • Industries
    • Petrochem
    • Refineries (specific FCCU)
    • Marine and Landbase Machinery
    • Chemical Processing
    • Incinerating Processes
    • Basic Industry, Steel, Pulp & Paper
  • Applications
    • Turbo Chargers
    • Industrial Boilers
    • Reactors
    • High Temperature gas boilers and heat exchangers
    • Exhaust Systems

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