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LeaderKAM Kammprofile Gasket Style KB9


LeaderKAM Kammprofile gaskets consist of a metallic core with machined concentric grooves. Both faces are produced with soft sealing layers consisting of either graphite, PTFE or LeaderTHERM NXT 1010 (high temp. modified Phlogopite). However also metallic (non-ferro) layers of pure silver or aluminium can be produced.


Product Data SheetMetallic materials


(Petro-) Chemical Industry, Steam, On- and Offshore exploration, pipeline systems, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and coolers. LeaderKAM Kamprofile gaskets have prooven records in demanding application with heat-exchangers with fluctuating and cycling process conditions. Superb alternative for metal jacketed gaskets.


convex profile good at weak flanges

Chemical Compatiblity

LeaderKAM Kammprofile Gaskets are suited for a wide variety of media, e.g. a pH range varying from 0-14. Temperature range from –250 °C up to 450 degrees °C (steam 550 °C) with graphite layers. Leadertherm Mica layers can withstand temperatures of 900 °C. Application/ compatibility guide is available on request.

Delivery Options

All dimensions in a wide variety of materials are possible. Non-standard equipment gaskets can be manufactured up to a diameter of 6000 mm. EN10.204 3.1 certificates can be delivered on request, as well as NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 conformity statement.


LeaderKAM Kammprofile Gaskets are suited for temperature range from –250 °C up to 450 degrees °C (steam 550 °C) with graphite layers. LeaderTHERM (phlogopite) layers can withstand temperatures of 900 °C


  • EN10.204 3.1

Sealing Characteristics

  • blow out safe
  • Rigid construction and easy to install
  • Excellent sealing characteristics for a wide range of seating stresses
  • Suitable for low torque flange-constructions
  • High pressure and temperature range
  • Broad chemical resistance (pending on the metallic materials and sealing layers)
  • Firesafe
  • Design suitable for fluctuating temperatures and pressures
Technical Data
max Temperature [°C]See material table below
min Temperature [°C]See material table below
max Pressure [bar]200
Minimum initial stress [DIN E 2505 part 2] [N/mm2]15
Maximum initial stress [DIN E 2505 part 2] [N/mm2]300
Y- Value [psi]2500
min Seating stress [Qmin(L 0,01), mg/(s*m)] at RT 40 bar [N/mm2]>15
Gasket required flange roughness [Ra micron]3,2-6,3
Gasket required flange roughness [RMS]125-250
max Seating stress [Qsmax bei RT EN13555] [n/mm2]300
Relaxation PQR (30 MPA 150°C) [%]0.92
Residual seating stress , [QA=40 MPA,Qmin(L 0,01), mg/(s*m)] bei RT 40 bar [N/mm2]9
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