01 December 2017

Strongly reduced emission rates possible with Elastagraph

In the constant strive for improving the tightness of flange gaskets, the Leader Gasket Elastagraph shows outstanding low leakage rates at the same bolt force or gasket pressure. Comparable test data according to EN 13555 dealing with several types of DN 40 size of standard graphite flange gasket, show that the Leader Gasket Elastagraph reaches a tightness of 10(-3) or leakage rate of 0,001 mg/s*m at a gasket pressure of 15 N/mm2. A comparable and very commonly used graphite gasket with tanged insertion reaches the same tightness class at 52 N/mm2. As a comparison: at this same gasket pressure the Elastagraph attains a tightness class of over 10 (-6) or a leakage rate of 0,000001! By way of conclusion, under the same conditions, the Elastagraph can be said to be more tight by a factor of 100…​

DN 40 Raised Face Flange tested on Amtec testrig with Oxygen



Leader Gasket Elastagraph

The basic concept of this emission reducing flange gasket is a combination of high and low density and high quality of graphite seamlessly pressed around a corrugated metal carrier ring. The corrugation pattern on the tops of the wave creates a good adaption to the flange and peak of the initial gasket stress on that point resulting an effective tightness already at low bolt forces. The corrugated metal core ensures an improved memory effect of the gasket in fluctuating circumstances as can be expected in temperature or pressure changes in dynamic systems. The use of high-quality graphite ensures a broad chemical resistance. Both in volatile gases, low molecular fluids and steam, Elastagraph performs outstandingly well as universal pipe (space) gasket replacing all kind of graphite gaskets.

Leader Gasket Elastagraph is for many customers a good solution for reducing fugitive emissions and their (and our) global carbon footprint. They are moreover very safe to use with no sharp edges compared to other graphite types and, thanks to their construction, easier to dismantle (no graphite sticking on the flange surface). Furthermore, have Yarmouth blow-out safety certification. For more information or data sheets see our product website here



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