01 December 2017

Tested and proven

For preventing leakage of highly aggressive chemicals, high quality and special gaskets are necessary in the chlorine industry. After months of testing we are proud to announce that our Clipperlon 2120 has passed all testing required by the Chlorine Institute and has now been added to the service class I & IV of Pamphlet 95, Edition 5. 



The Clipperlon 2120 is manufactured with barium sulfate filled PTFE. It is a high performance material that’s designed for use in applications where initiating and maintaining an extremely tight seal is crucial. Low compressibility, high recovery and low creep properties are added benefits of this material that makes it optimal for use in the following applications:


  • strong alkalis
  • gases
  • amonia
  • phosgene
  • steam
  • chlorine:
    • monomer service
    • strong caustics
    • toxic chemicals
    • moderate acids


Leader Gasket Clipperlon 2120 ; a proven choice for Chlorine where reliability is crucial: now listed in Chlorine Institute’s Pamphlet 95 for Chlorine Applications

Do you have any questions about our Clipperlon 2120 or the test results? Please feel free to contact us directly or fill out our contact form. We are happy to help!

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