Filled PTFE sheets


A broad PTFE variety

We from Leaders Gaskets Technologies have over a hundred years of experience in the most critical sealing applications. The industries we have served in our many years as manufacturer are for example: gas, oil, petrochemical, power and offshore. 

PTFE categories: 

  • filled PTFE;
  • virgin PTFE;
  • modified-PTFE materials with creep resistance; and
  • expanded-PTFE. 

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PTFE sheets have a high level of purity and therefore are completely chemical resistance. As a result of their chemical resistance they are frequently applied in different applications in which hygiene and non-contamination are crucial factors. PTFE sheets are mostly used in the chemical industry. And in addition, the PTFE sheets work perfectly under extreme temperatures from -200℃ to +260 ℃ and are flame- and UV-resistant. 

Filled PTFE sheets

Pertaining to the normal PTFE sheets, the properties of filled PTFE are improved. The sheets can be filled with additives like carbon, graphite, glass etc. Each additive has its own advantage. 

  • Glass filled PTFE sheets improves the wear properties and, under load, deformation strength. 
  • Carbon filled PTFE sheets improves deformation strength and wear. 
  • Graphite filled PTFE sheets lowers the coefficient of friction. 

High quality standards

We do not stop at just the international industry standards. Quality and reliability of our products are our first priority. Your employees, facilities and equipment are just as important as the quality and reliability of our products. To maintain our high-quality standard we are continuously updating and improving our quality management system. 

Questions about our filled PTFE sheets? Let us know! 

Do you have any questions or do you like more information about our filled PTFE gaskets? Please contact one of our distributors around the globe or fill out our contact form. We are happy to help! 

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