Refinery Gasket


Safe sealing

Refineries ask for safe and effective sealing. There was a need for gaskets that could resist high pressure and temperatures. The most suitable refinery gasket is a Spiral Wound Gasket, Camprofile gasket or a Ring Joint Type gasket. Leader Gasket delivers these gaskets from stock, and offers custommade sealing solutions.

Our Spiral Wound Gasket types 

Types of Camprofile gaskets

Types of Ring Type Joint gaskets

  • Leader Ring Joint BX
  • Leader Ring Joint RX
  • Leader Ring  Joint R Octagonal
  • Leader Ring Joint R Oval

In-house testing of gaskets

It is important to test the influences on gaskets and the consequences for the efficiency of the gaskets. Leader Gasket can test the following properties:

  • Creep Relaxation
  • Minimum & Maximum Gasket Stress
  • Elasticity Modulus
  • Recovery
  • Load Deflection Curves
  • Leakage Rate and Testing
  • High Temp tests up to 600 °C (1112°F)

Other products of Leader Gasket

If you want to know more about our products, please visit our product page and find out more about our possibilities for custom-made gaskets.

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About Leader Gaskets Technologies

Leader Gasket is operating worldwide and evolved into a gasket manufacturer with a variety of customers around the world, in many different industries. Nowadays, Leader is an expert in the development of industrial gaskets like metallic, semi-metallic and soft gasket products.

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Do you have questions about one of Leader's refinery gaskets or any other product or service? Please feel free to contact one of our distributors around the globe.

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