High temperature


Wide range of gaskets which perform in temparatures up to 900 °C

Under the influence of industrial gases, exhaust gases or liquids, gaskets in various industries are exposed to high temperatures. Many conventional graphite seals are not resistant to the effects of oxidation at these high temperatures. Leader Gasket Technologies offers a wide range of products that do perform optimally in high temperature applications.


The inflow of oxygen in the media or the presence in the area is the perfect circumstance for oxidation to occur. The right sealing solution can prevent this from happening. Our staff can help you find the right gasket that meets all the necessary requirements.


Temperatures up to 900 deg C
LeaderTHERM consists of phlogopite mica paper impregnated with a high quality silicone binder.

Mica, an aluminosilicate of mineral origin, has a lamellar and non-fibrous structure representing an excellent alternative to asbestos at high temperatures. This material gives LeaderTHERM Sheet its thermal characteristics – weight loss at 800 C (1472 F) less than 5% – and its chemical resistance to solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils.
LeaderTHERM is available in sheeting material, layer for LeaderKAM Kammprofiles and as filler (sealing material) in Leader Spiral Wound Gaskets.

Leader Spiral Wound with LeaderTHERM filler

Spiral wound style *SRI-LTD rated to 1500F for ASME B16.5 Class 150 to 2500

Spiral wound style SRI-LT (LeaderTHERM “only” filler) consult with LGT engineering dept.

LeaderKAM faced LeaderTHERM
LeaderKAM with hybrid facing (inhibited graphite and LeaderTHERM combination) rated to 1500F for ASME B16.5 class 150 to 600 (1450 psi max.)

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