Leader Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Leader Gasket Technologies offers not only full range of the standard gaskets  - ASME, EN etc...but also high quality non standard products for Heat exchanger applications with a wide variety of  shapes – see bellow.

All HE gaskets are available in a choice of metals and filler materials. Custom configurations of heat exchanger gaskets are also available.

Partitions are offered as jacketed or flat alternative with filler/cover acc. to cusotmers specification.

For these products Leader Gasket Technologies guarantees high quality, environmentally-friendly sealing products as the most cost effective sealing solutions available in the market today .

With our manufacturing capabilities , field technical support and engineering services, we will deliver demonstrable cost savings and measurable reliability advancements for products according to customers requirement upon drawings or full specification of the application:

Leader Gasket Technologies offers following products for HE applications:

LeaderKAM kammprofile Gaskets

The most recommended soluition by Leader Gasket Technologies due to excellent performance of LeaderKAM Kammprofile gaskets in critical applications:

  • non limited size offer
  • instalation on site also as alternative
  • easy transport, handling

Dynagraph HE(Heat Exchanger) Gaskets

Developed specifically to solve fugitive emission and compliance problems. It also performs well in flange that experience thermal cycling or limited initial bolt load. Dynagraph Heat exchanger gaskets are the most economical way of meeting low emission requirements.

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral windings can be designed with or without partitions welded to the winding, or inner and outer rings with welded partitions.

Leader Heat Exchange Gaskets

Leader Gaskets Technologies guarantees an origin, quality and full traceability for all delivered items.

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