Graphite gasket manufacturer


Graphite gasket manufacturer

At Leader Gasket, we have been manufacturing metallic, semi-metallic and soft gasket products for years. One of our core products are graphite gaskets. These graphite gaskets come in different sizes, weights and are suitable for various applications.

What are graphite gaskets?

Graphite gaskets are mechanical seals that fill up spaces between two surfaces. They are often used in markets such as the (petro-)chemical industry, steam, on- and offshore exploration, pipeline systems, pressure vessels and exchangers. These graphite gaskets offer high compressibility and recovery. They are also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, varying from -250 °C up to 450 °C (steam up to 550 °C).

Graphite gaskets at Leader Gasket

At Leader, our products and our customers are always in the center of our attention. Product quality and reliability are the pillars of our company. Just as with any other product, our graphite gaskets are 100% PMI tested and documented to ensure they are supplied as specified.

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Types of graphite gaskets

At Leader, we do not supply just one type of graphite gasket, but several. A selection of our graphite gaskets:

Any questions about our graphite gaskets?

If you have questions about any of our graphite gaskets, please feel free to contact one of our distributors around the globe.

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